Novi Sad Energy House

Center for Promotion and Education
on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

A New Brand of Novi Sad

sustainable building, high energy efficiency, renewable energy, eco-innovations

Self-Heating Eco-House

green building, passive solar architecture,
best example of energy efficiency in practice

Let’s Start Building
Our Ecological World
of the Future Together!


List of needed goods and services:

  • building materials (concrete, brick, reinforcement, waterproofing, insulation...)

  • construction works (earthwork, reinforced-concrete work, brickwork, interior work...)

  • exterior decoration (landscaping, greening, construction of access roads, parking lot..)

  • technical equipment and installations (solar hot water panels, photovoltaic panels, electric vehicle chargers, geothermal heat pump, biomass heating system, waste water treatment system, home automation - Smart Building...)

  • interior decoration (furniture and office equipment)

All companies, institutions and people of good will who are able to help the building project of the Novi Sad Energy House by monetary donations, building materials, equipment or otherwise are welcome to join our supporting action.
If you want to help accomplishing the vision of the project and to join our Club of Donors, please start by completing the online donation form.




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